A strong passion for golf drives Nicole Eager and is something she is surrounded by in her work. At Weequahic Golf Course, Nicole has found a family in the staff, participants, and purpose of TFT of Essex County. Over the past four years, she has become an integral part of that family through her commitment as a TFT Coach.

Nicole Eager, 20, joined TFT at eleven and completed the Ace Program at 16. She not only utilized the program to improve her golf game but also to help her set goals and achieve them when others didn’t believe that she could. “When I first joined my high school golf team…I told the coach that I wanted to play college golf in Florida. He told me, ‘you’ll never be able to do that.’TFT networked for me, and I signed to Johnson and Wales University in Miami for golf. TFT made that happen for me.”

Nicole’s success with TFT only inspired her to help out more. She works five to seven days a week in the summer, coordinating outreach programs and coaching TFT classes and camps. Katie Brenny, Program Director for TFT of Essex County, has only high praise for Nicole. “She has never missed a day of work, has never been late and has never asked to leave early. She…keeps everyone safe and makes sure that everyone has fun,” says Brenny.

Nicole says it’s easy to have fun at Weequahic Golf Course by spending time with TFT participants. “These kids love golf so much. I’ve never seen so many kids want to practice.” The collective passion for golf at Weequahic has allowed Nicole to focus her passion on creating a career.

In the future, Nicole wants to coordinate tournaments and travel with tournament circuits all over the world. Even when she travels and succeeds in the future, she knows that she will have Weequahic Golf Course standing with her. “Weequahic is a family setting. I really feel like I’m being cared for,” she says. Both staff and participants at TFT of Essex County can agree that they wouldn’t have it any other way.


By: Remi Shendell


Nicole helping a young participant