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We have First Tee evaluations during class weeks 6 & 7 for PLAYer, Par, Birdie, and Eagle levels. This evaluation will consist of our life skills and playing ability curriculum that was covered during our first five classes. 

Parents please keep in mind that we will try to get everyone through the evaluation based on their ability.  If our coaching staff feels that a participant is not ready to move forward on a certain life skill question or golf skill evaluation, we will not proceed to advance that participant to the next level.  It is very important to understand that there is no pressure for a participant to complete a certain level.  Once they complete a golf skill or a life skill question, they will not have to retake that portion of the test.  If the participant does not pass their level this session, he or she will continue from where they left off during a future session.

We appreciate your patience and support during this process.


(Please click on your child's level)

PLAYer Level

PAR Level


PLAYer Progression Model (PLAYer 3 Hole, 6 Hole and 9 Hole) - Click HERE for more details on how PLAYer Level is structured and how participants assess throughout the level.

The First Tee Certification Requirements - Click HERE to learn everything you need to know to get certified and move up the Life Skill ranks.

Practice Requirement Options - In addition to traditional golf practice i.e. driving range, short game and on course play, Click HERE to learn about the alternative forms of practice. Please note that each item is allotted a maximum time value. ALL participants are REQUIRED to have the specificed number of Practice Hours, according to The First Tee Certification Requirments, in order to be eligible to Certify. Practice Hours can be recorded at your First Tee facility. 

Practice/Certification Requirements - The following document is a breakdown of practice requirements for each skill level, PLAYer 3, 6, and 9, Par, Birdie, and Eagle. This document should serve as a point of reference and guide leading up to Certification. ALL participants are MANDATED to meet the necessary requirements in order to assess in The First Tee Life Skill Level program. Please CLICK HERE to view the document.